Image of DICE ISSUE 49

…‘Are you lonely and looking for love? Do you feel tired just thinking about the concept of working for more than an hour? Would you rather kick the dog upside down than take it for a walk? Me too! I saw on telly it might be something called 'Crohns Disease' and I'm a little worried. My Aunty Nora said there is no such thing and I'm just a lazy git. Anyways, issue 49 is here and it's only comparable to some NC BBQ sandwich with slaw on top and hush puppies on the side...Oooh and some fried okra. Did you see the cover? Mental right?! Gen from Love Ear Art in Japan just twisted our melons super hard and did us super proud.
Not only that...but inside this very issue you also get the superb 'Godspeed' insert by our bruv, Cicero De Guzman! Yes, 2 magazines for the price of 1! Yeah...so now you actually have a reason to kick that dog upside down and get to reading the new issue of DicE! Oof!



Image of DICE ISSUE 49